What is Memoize?

Share memories!

Memoize is a free and simple way of sharing memories with friends, family and even yourself! Sharing memories can be done sending text, images or video to the people of your choice.

Share only with those that really matter!

Each memory is unique and shared by different people, with memoize you can handpick the people you would like to share your memory with. Choose the people you want to share your memory with by selecting them from your Memoize, Facebook or Google+ friendlist.

Three different ways of sharing memories

Share your memories right now, at a handpicked moment in the future or let the system decide on a moment between 2 dates!

Surprise even yourself with a pleasant memory!

By sending memories to yourself at a random picked moment, you will be reminded of a pleasant memory (vacation, weekend, fun date, etc) at a moment when you might need it the most!

Discuss your memories!

Discuss memories by chatting, either with the people you have sent the memory to or with the people that have sent the memory to you.

Our development team is a one man army (for now)!

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